Transmission Repair Services

The transmission is an important part of a vehicle which transmits power from the engine to the wheels. It is used a lot and therefore needs regular maintenance to prevent further damage to your car. You also do not want a breakdown in the middle of the road. If the transmission is not repaired in time, it might even need a total overhaul which is rather expensive.

Finding the right transmission repair shop can be very challenging, especially when you do not know what to consider. Below are three important factors to look for in a transmission repair shop.

Gears of a transmission

First and foremost, consider the years of experience the shop has been in operation. More specifically, ask the experience of the mechanic (s) in dealing with the nature of your car problem. A shop that has many years of experience can guarantee you quality workmanship. This can significantly reduce your repair costs over the long term.

Use of current technology in the transmission repair shop is another thing you must consider. While you may not know what the most current technology is, it will not cost you anything to ask the mechanics whether they are up to date it terms of the technology they use. A repair shop that uses the latest technology will more often than not give this information without prompting.

Is the auto repair shop licensed service the model or make of your car?  For example, a reputable Dallas transmission repair shop will have a Better Business Bureau profile and have positive reviews on sites such as yelp. It is important to note that transmission types are different for different cars and it is compulsory for the auto repair shop to be accredited to handle the transmission system of your car. Poor quality work can damage your car further and lead to more costs.

 New, rebuilt or re-manufactured transmissions

How the transmission is repaired is another important factor. If you are faced with the possibility of repairing or replacing the faulty transmission, it is vital to know the differences among the various types of repairs. A new system can cost as much as a car engine, many vehicle owners therefore opt to rebuilt the existing one or install a re-manufactured or rebuilt one.

Rebuilding an existing transmission involves removing the broken or damaged one totally from the vehicle and then replacing or repairing the damaged components. Installing a rebuilt transmission involves use of a system which is rebuilt outside the auto repair shop but to the specifications of the manufacturer. Re-manufacturing a transmission is similar to rebuilding but it occurs in a factory environment.

Rebuilt transmissions are beneficial over replacements. They are cheaper than replacing the whole system. Furthermore, rebuilt systems are readily available than new ones which have to be ordered and shipped from the manufacturer and need fresh installation.

Replacing a transmission with a brand new one also takes more days. Again, there is no guarantee that a new one is actually new; it might be re-manufactured. Rebuilt transmissions only replace badly damaged or worn out components. Replacing the entire system is not necessary therefore since many parts are meant to last the life of the vehicle.

One thing to remember though; rebuilding an existing transmission does not restore it to a new state. Rebuilt transmissions still have other parts which have not been changed and they may have wear on them. The components are likely to wear out with time and therefore the need for regular maintenance.

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Here is a video to get an idea of what a repair entails.